Privacy Policy

This privacy policy governs your use of the Cloudbeats software applications (“Apps”) for mobile devices on iOS and Android as well as Cloudbeats website. Information we collect when you use the Apps Google User Data When you connect Google Drive...
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How to stream music from NAS over secure ssl connection

For safety reasons it’s better to use ssl connection to your NAS server when accessing it from the internet, either from web browser or from the mobile apps. If you have self-signed ssl certificate already installed on your NAS, CloudBeats may not be...
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How to fix Japanese, Chinese or Cyrillic characters in mp3 files

Have you ever wondered why some tracks are not displayed correctly in the CloudBeats player? Instead of Artist and Track name you see question marks, squares or garbled symbols like Xƒg@ƒX[ƒp[‰p’PŒê or Ñóïåð. The problem is most often...
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