How to stream music from NAS over secure ssl connection

For safety reasons it’s better to use ssl connection to your NAS server when accessing it from the internet, either from web browser or from the mobile apps. If you have self-signed ssl certificate already installed on your NAS, CloudBeats may not be able to stream content from it and will return track loading error. This is happening because the certificate issuing authority is not trusted by Apple, so iOS blocks such connection. I will show you how this can be solved.
As prerequisite you should have your DDNS and port forwarding configured for open access to NAS from the outside of LAN.

Installing ssl certificate on the NAS

First let’s see how to install ssl certificate on your NAS using Synology hardware as example. I’ve got DS212j model with DSM 6.1 running on it.

  1. Open Control Panel, find Security and open Certificate tab.
  2. Click Add and select Create self-signed certificate.
  3. Click Next to create root certificate where you will act as Certificate Authority (CA). Fill in all the fields, your name etc.
  4. Click Next and now it’s time to enter data for ssl certificate for the domain name you are using to access your NAS server. If you are using Synology DDNS service, your domain might be something like or
  5. Click Apply and download the archive with certs by clicking Export certificate. Unarchive and email yourself the syno-ca-cert.pem file. Another file cert.pem is the one installed on you NAS and you don’t need to do anything with it.
  6. Mark the newly created certificate as the default.

Enabling trusted access on your iPhone

The second part is to install security profile onto your iPhone and make it trusted.

  1. On your iPhone open the email with .pem file and tap on it.
  2. When prompted, Install the profile. You will be directed to iPhone Settings..General..Profile.
  3. And finally in the Settings, go to General..About, scroll to the bottom and open Certificate Trust Settings and enable full trust for your own Certificate Authority. 

Now you are all set and enjoy streaming music in CloudBeats from NAS or other webDAV server. If you have any question or comments feel free to email us.


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